What I do

I specialize in photographing interiors and architecture throughout New England. I combine my knowledge of photography with the art of capturing and conveying the natural light reflected into my lens.  In addition to still shots, I offer my clients twilight shoots and videos.

In business as a professional photographer since 2004, I have worked on over 1,000 shoots with architects, stylists, real estate agents, interior designers, general contractors, rental agencies, individual homeowners and national corporations.  In addition to being a professional photographer, I owned and operated a successful website & graphic design firm. My extensive marketing background and proven results gives me the insight to help my clients get the attention their property deserves.

Who Am I?

A super creative gal ready to take on the world!

Elyssa Cohen is an architecture and interior photographer serving New England since 2004.

Along with my expertise in photography, I bring an extensive background in website design, marketing and graphic design to offer my clients proven results and insight in how to best market their property. My vast portfolio includes over 1,000 shoots for real estate agents, architectural firms, interior designers, general contractors, rental agencies, individual homeowners and national corporations.

From intimate condos to elaborate seaside estates, I can help differentiate your property and turn potential opportunities into sales. I provide personal customer service with fast turnaround of images and competitive pricing.  My goal is to portray your property in the best possible light.

Where I live

I am fortunate to spend my time between the Greater Boston Area and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Outer Cape has long been touted for its incredible light and sandy beaches while Boston offers a more urban environment.

When I am not taking photos I am most often found outside enjoying mother nature. I am often spotted kayaking Cape Cod Bay, cycling through the Maine mountains or hiking throughout the trail systems of New England. Life is an endless adventure and my mission is to keep that mantra going!


Years Shooting Architecture + Landscapes


Photos Taken


Homes Shot

Architectural Photography

I recognize that the images used to market your home have a big impact… they can mean the difference between a prospective buyer deciding to take a look… or, not.

Lighting, perspective, and an eye for detail that make the difference – all these things are key to insuring an extraordinary visual representation of your home’s best features.

Fine Art Photography

When I’m not photographing architecture, I am out exploring nature from the shores of Cape Cod to the mountains of Maine, New England and beyond.

I was classically trained initially as a painter, then moved to Cape Cod from Philadelphia after college. I discovered that photography was the instrument through which I could express my joy of color and form. I fell in love with the light on Cape Cod, which has a magical and emotional element that I have never experienced anywhere else. Nature has limitless beauty that I try my very hardest to capture through my lens.

Located in the Greater Boston Area & Eastham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts:
Boston, MA 3 Main Street Unit 32B, Eastham, MA 02642