What I do

I specialize in photographing real estate and architecture throughout New England. I combine my knowledge of photography with the art of capturing and conveying the natural light reflected into my lens.  In addition to still shots, I offer my clients twilight shoots and videos.

In business as a professional photographer since 2004, I have worked on over 1,000 shoots with real estate agents, architects, interior designers, general contractors, rental agencies, individual homeowners and national corporations.  In addition to being a professional photographer, I owned and operated a successful website & graphic design firm. My extensive marketing background and proven results gives me the insight to help my clients get the attention their property deserves.

Who Am I?

A super creative gal ready to take on the world!

Elyssa Cohen Photography is a real estate photography firm serving New England since 2004.

Along with my expertise in photography, I bring an extensive background in website design, marketing and graphic design to offer my clients proven results and insight in how to best market their property. My vast portfolio includes over 1,000 shoots for real estate agents, architectural firms, interior designers, general contractors, rental agencies, individual homeowners and national corporations.

From intimate condos to elaborate seaside estates, I can help differentiate your property and turn potential opportunities into sales. I provide personal customer service with fast turnaround of images and competitive pricing.  My goal is to portray your property in the best possible light.

Where I live

I am fortunate to spend my time between the Greater Boston Area and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Outer Cape has long been touted for its incredible light and sandy beaches while Boston offers a more urban environment.

When I am not taking photos I am most often found outside enjoying mother nature. I am often spotted kayaking Cape Cod Bay, cycling through the Maine mountains or hiking throughout the trail systems of New England. Life is an endless adventure and my mission is to keep that mantra going!


Years Shooting Architecture + Landscapes


Photos Taken


Homes Shot

Architectural & Real Estate Photography

I recognize that the images used to market your home have a big impact… they can mean the difference between a prospective buyer deciding to take a look… or, not.

Lighting, perspective, and an eye for detail that make the difference – all these things are key to insuring an extraordinary visual representation of your home’s best features.

Another way we’re reinventing real estate.

Landscape Photography

When I’m not photographing architecture, I am out exploring nature from the shores of Cape Cod to the mountains of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and beyond.

Nature has limitless beauty that I try my very hardest to capture through my lens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn a bit more about my process

  • What is Real Estate Photography and how does it differ from other types of photography?

    Real estate photography is closely associated with architectural photography. Where architectural photography focuses on the lines and shape of a structure, real estate photography concentrates on accurately depicting the layout and emphasizing the character of the property in order to best portray it to potential buyers. The goal of real estate photography is ultimately get your property sold.

  • Why should I hire a professional real estate photographer?

    Our world is increasingly visual and thanks to the multitude of real estate based websites on the internet buyers are able to research homes for sale from the comfort of their home or office.  It is well documented that buyers are far more knowledgable and savvy about what is on the market now thanks to sites like Trulia and Realtor.com. Photographs are the first way to catch the attention of a potential buyer, exceptional photographs can hold that attention and help your listing stand out.

  • Can I use my iPhone or point and shoot camera?

    The technology of iPhone cameras are getting better with every new phone released and chances are you will get some decent images. However, iPhones and point and shoot cameras simply do not offer the range of technology needed to successfully capture a property given lighting restrictions, angles and range of color in an image. I am constantly updating my equipment and learning about new techniques in order to give my clients superior results.

  • Who hires and pays for the Real Estate Photographer?

    Typically, the listing agent hires the photographer and pays for the photography, but that’s not always the case. It may depend on the agent’s marketing plan for the property. Of course, a seller can always request professional photography and make this part of their discussion with the listing agent.

  • How do we prepare the house for a shoot?

    As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.  It is well worth the time to put some effort into preparing for the shoot before the photographer arrives. For best results, you may want to tackle this in two stages.  The first stage is to pack up and declutter, the second stage is to clean and fine tune. The ultimate goal is for a potential buyer to be able to imagine themselves and their belongings in the home. Below is a basic guideline to help you prepare for a shoot:
    1. Pack & Declutter:
    • Pack up off-season clothing and reduce the amount of items in closets, drawers, etc. (Buyers will look in drawers, closets, even the fridge!)
    • Clear shelves, counters, mantles, etc. of personal items such as photographs, cards, collections
    • Remove any photographs, magnets and momentos from the refrigerator
    • Make sure that all the lights inside and outside of the house work
    • Remove any trash and/or debris from outside of home
    2. Clean and Fine Tune:
    • Once the house has been decluttered it is time for a good clean. Some homeowners hire a professional home cleaning service
    • Make all beds
    • You may consider having the windows cleaned, especially if you have views
    • Neaten up yard and garden areas, tidy hoses and tools
    • Consider having a landscaper come in to mow lawn and put a fresh layer of mulch on the garden
    • Make preparation to have a safe place for pets during the shoot

    3. Just prior to arrival of photographer:

    • Open all drapes, curtains and window treatments to allow as much natural light in as possible
    • Turn on all lights in the house
    • Turn on all ceiling fans
    • Relocate vehicles away from the home
    • Last minute tidy of home paying attention to any bright colored objects that may be a visual distraction

  • Should I hire a home stager?

    Home Stagers can freshen the look and feel of a property and are often rather ‘thrifty’ in doing so. New linens, a neutral paint palette, improved flow to the rooms, etc. can go a long way in creating a pleasing connection which helps to attract perspective buyers and helps sellers demand a premium price. I would certainly recommend a home owner contact a Home Stager for an estimate.

  • Do I Own The Photos?

    I wish I could say yes.  Photography is art, whether we like it or not.  The images and copyright are mine, but the license is yours to use for your own personal business.  You may not sell or license the images to a third party.  All media (print, web, etc…) inquiries must be approved before moving forward.  I’m VERY cooperative with this, and I do everything I can to make it painless.  I promise!

  • How can I use the photos?

    The photos are only to be used for the sale of the property and may not be used or sold for any purpose other than real estate.  As the photographer, I retain all ownership of the photographs and I maintain the right to use said photographs to promote my business as a real estate photographer.  Please note, if you decide to switch listing agencies while your property is on the market, you must obtain written permission from the photographer before you are allowed to use any professional photographs that were taken while you were under a listing agreement with the previous agent.

  • When will I receive my photos?

    Normal delivery is within 24 hours of the shoot. You will be notified in the rare case of a delay.

  • Do I get to choose the photos?

    During the course of a shoot, I take anywhere from 300 – 900 shots, depending on the size of the property and the time allotted. Following the actual shoot, there is editing and cropping to be done as I narrow the number of photos down to the final 35-50 shots that make the ‘cut’. While I welcome input during the shoot, I am not able to allow clients to pick the photos.  I will, however, provide more shots than the standard 35 used on a typical MLS listing so my clients do have some leeway as to which shots to use.

  • Can you photoshop that out?!

    This is a question I hear a lot! There are a number of ethical and legal issues at play here. Buyers expect the photographs of a listing to be an accurate representation of the property.  I am not willing to mislead anyone or misrepresent a property, therefore I will not photoshop out what may be conceived as a ‘defect’ of the property.

  • How are the photos delivered?

    After finishing is complete, the photos will be sent to you electronically via email in JPEG format. You will be directed to a Dropbox or Google Drive link where you will find two copies of the photos.  A low resolution version of the photos which will be best for MLS and online advertising, while a high resolution version is used for print advertising (newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc).

  • Do you upload the photos to the MLS?

    The photos will be uploaded by your listing agent.  I do not have access to MLS as I am not a licensed Realtor.

Where will I travel to take pictures?

New England and beyond! The sky is the limit but here are a few places I have had the privilege of photographing.

  • Maine

    • Portland, ME
    • Ogunquit, ME
    • Freeport, ME
    • Cape Elizabeth, ME
    • Camden, ME
    • Rockport, ME
    • Boothbay, ME
    • Harpswell, ME
    • Brunswick, ME
    • Belfast, ME
    • Rangeley, ME
    • Carrabassett Valley, ME
    • Bowdoinham, ME
    • Topsham, ME
    • Kennebunkport, ME
    • Saco, ME
    • Wells, ME
    • Windham, ME
    • Westbrook, ME
    • Gorham, ME
    • Yarmouth, ME
  • Massachusetts

    • Provincetown, Cape Cod
    • Truro, Cape Cod
    • Wellfleet, Cape Cod
    • Eastham, Cape Cod
    • Orleans, Cape Cod
    • Chatham, Cape Cod
    • Osterville, Cape Cod
    • Barnstable, Cape Cod
    • Falmouth, Cape Cod
    • Nantucket, MA
    • Martha’s Vineyard, MA
    • Plymouth, MA
    • Scituate, MA
    • Quincy, MA
    • Boston, MA
    • Brookline, MA
    • Newton, MA
    • Cambridge, MA
    • Rockport, MA
    • Marblehead, MA
    • Plum Island, MA
  • New Hampshire

    • Portsmouth, NH
    • Manchester, NH
    • Nashua, NH
    • Concord, NH
    • Keene, NH
    • Bedford, NH
    • Hampton, NH
    • Conway, NH
    • Windham, NH
    • Dover, NH
    • Rochester, NH
  • And Beyond...

    I’m willing to travel beyond these territories. Simply contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

Office located in the Greater Boston Area & Eastham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts:
Ventura Street, Boston, MA 3 Main Street Unit 32B, Eastham, MA 02642

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