Who am I?

A super creative gal ready to take on the world!

I began shooting film at young age using a 35mm camera that gave me the ability to tie both my love for art and science together. During my studies at University of the Arts in Philadelphia I explored shooting with a large format camera. Large format photography has enabled me to perfect the craft of shooting architecture and landscapes professionally over the last decade.

Capturing a spontaneous moment is a gift in this enormously complex modern era. It is fascinating to me that each moment is comprised of unique experiences that will never happen again the same way in human history.

That is why photography intrigues me because I must take a leap into the unknown each time I snap my shutter. I’m always thinking “What scene will Mother Nature create for me to capture to share with others that will positively impact the world once released?”

My background

Elyssa Cohen Photography is an architecture and interior photography firm serving New England since 2006.

Along with my expertise in photography, I bring an extensive background in user experience design, strategy, marketing and graphic design to offer a wide range of clients proven results and insight in how to best market their business.

I have logged over 1,000 professional shoots with architects, interior designers, yacht owners, private pilots, airlines, general contractors, real estate agents, rental agencies, individual homeowners and national corporations.

From intimate condos to elaborate seaside estates, I can help differentiate your property and turn potential opportunities into sales. I provide personal customer service with fast turnaround of images and competitive pricing.  My goal is to portray your property in the best possible light.

Where I live

I am fortunate to spend my time between the Greater Boston Area and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Outer Cape has long been touted for its incredible light and sandy beaches while Boston offers a more urban environment.


Years Shooting Architecture + Landscapes


Photos Taken


Homes Shot

Fine Art Photography

When I’m not photographing architecture, I am out exploring nature from the shores of Cape Cod to the mountains of Maine, New England and beyond.

Classically trained as a painter, Elyssa made the choice to use photography as a medium to tie her love for art and science together to express her vision of the world.

Elyssa began shooting film at young age using a 35mm and then transitioned to shooting with a large format camera during her studies at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Shooting with a 4×5 large format camera gave her the ability to focus her career shooting architecture and landscapes professionally over the last 15 years.

She explains, “Landscapes come together like a good piece of Jazz. The clouds softly envelop the scene with their colorful glow and entrancing reflection while the animals and people dance in and out of the composition almost like that of a perfectly tuned string of chords at the same time the glow of the sunset forms perfect harmony.”

Office located in Boston & Eastham on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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