Drone Photography by Tyler Plummer

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering up with Tyler Plummer, aerial and drone photographer extraordinaire!

Maine Aerial Photography Services, LLC was started in 2015. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products and services, at affordable prices.

This is our third year of business serving Maine in the aerial photography field. MAPS uses state of the art UAS’s(unmanned aerial systems – or commonly referred to as drones). MAPS uses two, DJI Inspire 1 Pro UAS’s. This truly sets us apart from our competition who use lower end drones, costing less than $2,000. Our DJI Inspire’s use a DJI X5 micro 4/3 camera providing 16mb still shots and ultra high definition 4k video. We use Olympus lenses, providing tack sharp images with zoom capabilities.

This provides our customers with truly professional quality images and videos. You will not find this quality at our prices anywhere in Maine!

We specialize in: Real Estate Photography, Structural Inspections, Weddings, Construction site timelines, Advertisement videos, Boat, launchings, Special events & more!

Maine Aerial Photography Services

MAPS is fully insured with $2,000,000 in general liability protection. Our pilot has gone through the required training and testing and is one of the few in the state that is licensed with the FAA for commercial drone operations. We have thorough safety inspections, client briefings and pre-flight checklists to ensure success.

Call (207) 798-1113 to book an appointment

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Tyler offers video flyovers & walkthroughs

Who is Tyler Plummer?

Tyler Plummer, owner and operator, lives in New Gloucester with his loving wife and twin little girls. He enjoys the state of Maine and all that it has to offer. His years of experience flying drones, incredible spacial awareness and artistic eye allow him to provide truly amazing results! When he is not flying his drone he enjoys golfing, outdoor activities and spending time with his family.

Tyler plummer drone photographer maine

Whether it’s commercial or residential architecture.

A professional drone photographer is a must if you’re looking to produce magazine-quality shots of your work.

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Aerial Photography Represents the Scope of your Property

Whether you’re trying to sell residential or commercial real estate, or you just want to show off your architectural work, professional aerial photos give you a great portfolio to present to the world. Drone photo shoots can be taken while the building or space is still under construction, before the finish details are done, after everything is finished, or all of the above. Professional drone photography can make all the difference when trying to sell a property or show off the grand scope of the property.

Whether it’s still photography, video flyovers or walkthroughs Tyler invests in state of the art equipment to produce exceptional quality results.

State of the art droning equipment

Maine Aerial Photography Services uses two DJI Inspire 1 drones with two different camera set ups

The DJI X3 is a 20mm super wide angle camera, with a 94 degree field of view, capturing 12mp stills and 4k video. The X3 camera is a workhorse providing great all around photos and video.  It’s wide field of view makes it great for capturing vast landscapes.

The industry leading DJI X5 camera is the X3’s big sister. It’s micro 4/3 sensor shoots truly professional quality images.  If you are looking for magazine quality images this is a must.  It captures 16mp still photos and ultra high definition 4K video at 60mbps.  The great thing about the X5 camera is that it allows for the use of industry leading lenses thanks to its standard MFT interchangeable lens mount .  Tyler uses a tack sharp 15mm f1.7 ASPH prime lens along with an Olympus 14-42mm zoom lens.  This combination allows us to get the right shot for every project.

We are able to change camera settings and make lens adjustments remotely thanks to DJI’s powerful controller and Lightbridge 2 technology from up to one mile away. We see the HD streaming footage live on our iPad so every shot can be carefully calibrated and perfectly executed.

DJI Inspire 1’s utilize both GPS and vision positioning sensors to maintain its exact position in the sky so we can  concentrate on getting the perfect shot. Both Inspires work with the DJI Zenmeuse gimbals which stabilize our cameras on 3 axis’ making sure each image is stable and the videos smooth.  They have retractable landing gear, putting the camera well below the drone, ensuring you never see its landing gear or the propellers in any of our photos or videos.

We use DJI Osmo Pro hand held stabilization technology coupled with our X3 and X5 cameras for all of our ground work.  It allows us to create with more freedom and higher fidelity than ever before.  The Osmo’s compact size and revolutionary stabilization performance make for incredible clarity and unsurpassed dynamic range thanks to its M4/3 sensor and standard MFT interchangeable lens mount.  This means that we can capture professional video in any setting.

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